Doa Iftitah Rumi

doa iftitah rumi pdf

Bismillah hir-rehmaan nir-raheem۝

Allah-hu Akbar-u kabeer-raw

Wall hamdu lillah-hi kaseeran

wa subhan Allah-hi bukraa tow 

Wa aselan waj-jahtu wajj heya lillah

zee fataras-samawati wall arz 

Hanefam-musliman wama aana

menal mushrikeena In-na salati

waa nusuki wa mah ya-ya waa

Mama ti lillah hi Rab-bil ‘aalameena

La shareeka lahu wa bezalika umirtu 

waa ana minal muslimeena۝

doa iftitah rumi Doa Iftitah Rumi

Allah, the Almighty, is the greatest of all creatures. Allah is the most exalted of all beings, and day and night are extensions of His praise. He is eternal and infinite and can be seen everywhere. Allah is perfect in all ways and has no equal. He is the one who created the universe and guided people to the truth.

In addition to being exalted, Allah is benevolent and loving. Muslims should thank Allah for everything because, without Him, nothing is possible.He is the only one who created everything and is responsible for everything that happens in the world.

He is worshiped unconditionally and always does good. We must bow to him and serve him with all our hearts.

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