Surah Al Humazah Rumi

surah al humazah rumi pdf

Bismillah hir-rehmaan nir-raheem۝

Why lul-li kul-li humaza till lumazaah۝

Allah zee jama a malau wa ad-dadah۝

Yah sabu an-na mala hu akh ladah۝

kal-la la yum bazan-na fill-huta maah۝

wa maa adh raka mal-huta-maah۝

Na rullah hil mu-qadah۝

Allah ti tat-taliu alal af-idaah۝

in-naha alai-him mou sadah۝

Fee amadim mu mad-dadah۝

Surah Al Humazah RumiSurah Al Humazah Rumi Overview

One who collects wealth and continuously counts it and thinks that their wealth will make them immortal and happy. They are not only wrong but also dangerous.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. Do not let yourself fall into this trap; know your wealth cannot make you happy. Accumulation of wealth does not automatically mean that one will be happy or prosperous. Allah has different standards of measurement.

It is vital to be aware of the potential consequences of having a lot of money and use money wisely. We must use this to protect our religion and people from evil. He blessed us with this quality of His Holiness, the Crusher.

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