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Surah Al-Furqan is the 25th chapter (surah) of the Quran. It is composed of 77 verses (ayat) and is named after the criterion or distinction (Al-Furqan) mentioned in the surah. The term “Furqan” refers to the Quran itself, which serves as a criterion for distinguishing between truth and falsehood.

Surah Furqan Arabic Text

Arababic text of surah al furqan is given above in the form of pdf anyone can read or download complete surah furqan pdf from the link given above.

Surah al Furqan Full Explain

Here are some key points and themes from Surah Al-Furqan:

  1. Guidance: The surah emphasizes the importance of guidance and the distinction between right and wrong. It highlights the role of the Quran as a source of divine guidance for humanity.
  2. Belief in One God: Surah Al-Furqan reaffirms the concept of monotheism, emphasizing the oneness of Allah and refuting the notion of associating partners with Him.
  3. The Quran as a Miracle: The surah mentions the miraculous nature of the Quran and the inability of its opponents to produce anything similar. It addresses the objections raised by disbelievers and challenges them to present a scripture of similar eloquence and content.
  4. Prophet Muhammad as a Messenger: Surah Al-Furqan describes Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) as a messenger of Allah, emphasizing his qualities of mercy, compassion, and guidance. It highlights the importance of following his example.
  5. Characteristics of the Righteous: The surah describes the characteristics of the righteous believers, such as humility, patience, gratitude, and the avoidance of major sins. It contrasts them with the traits of the disbelievers, hypocrites, and those who indulge in sinful behavior.
  6. Consequences of Disbelief: Surah Al-Furqan warns about the consequences of disbelief and sinful actions, emphasizing the Day of Judgment and the accountability of human beings for their deeds.
  7. Call to Repentance: The surah encourages people to turn to Allah in sincere repentance and seek His forgiveness. It emphasizes the importance of repenting from sins and seeking Allah’s mercy.

Words About surah Al-Furqan

Surah Al-Furqan, like other chapters of the Quran, holds spiritual, moral, and legal guidance for Muslims. It reminds believers of their responsibilities and encourages them to seek knowledge, reflect on the signs of Allah’s creation, and strive for righteousness.

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