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Surah Anbiya, also known as “The Prophets,” is the 21st chapter (Surah) of the Quran, the holy book of Islam. It consists of 112 verses (ayahs) and is named after the mention of prophets and their stories throughout the Surah. Surah Anbiya is part of the Meccan period of revelation.

The Surah highlights the concept of prophethood and the role of various prophets in delivering the message of Allah (God) to humanity. It mentions the stories of numerous prophets, including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, and many others. These stories serve as lessons and reminders of faith, patience, and devotion to Allah.

Surah Anbiya emphasizes the unity of purpose among all prophets and the consistent message of monotheism brought by them. It warns against the consequences of disbelief and urges the listeners to reflect on the signs of Allah’s creation and submit to His will.

Muslims recite Surah Anbiya during their prayers and study it to gain a deeper understanding of the lessons and guidance it provides. It emphasizes the importance of righteousness, accountability, and the ultimate reward promised by Allah for those who follow His guidance and strive to fulfill their responsibilities.

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