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Surah Maryam, also known as Chapter 19 of the Quran, is a chapter that holds great significance in Islamic literature. It is named after Maryam (Mary), the mother of Jesus (Isa) in Islamic tradition. The chapter consists of 98 verses and is located in the 16th juz (part) of the Quran. Download Surah Maryam Pdf from the above link.

Surah Maryam Overview

Surah MaryamSurah Maryam primarily revolves around the stories of several prophets, including Zakariyya (Zechariah), Yahya (John the Baptist), Ibrahim (Abraham), and Musa (Moses). However, the central focus of the chapter is the story of Maryam and the birth of Jesus.

The chapter begins with a mention of Zakariyya’s prayer for a child and how Allah grants him the glad tidings of a son, Yahya. It then transitions to the story of Maryam, describing how the angel Gabriel appeared before her and announced that she would conceive a child miraculously. Maryam’s faith and devotion are emphasized, as well as her isolation during her pregnancy.

The chapter recounts the birth of Jesus and his first miracle as an infant, speaking from the cradle in defense of his mother. It also addresses the skepticism and disbelief of the people towards this miracle. The story highlights the power and mercy of Allah and the significance of faith in His divine plan.

Additionally, Surah Maryam touches upon the Day of Judgment, the accountability of individuals for their deeds, and the fate of the disbelievers. It emphasizes the importance of following the guidance of Allah and warns against the consequences of disbelief.

Surah Maryam is often recited and pondered upon by Muslims, particularly during the month of Ramadan, and it holds a special place in Islamic devotion and understanding of Maryam, Jesus, and the message of Islam.

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