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Surah An Nisa

Surah Nisa is the fourth chapter (surah) of the Quran, the central religious text of Islam. The surah is also known as “An-Nisa” and its name means “The Women”. It consists of 176 verses and is one of the longest chapters in the Quran. You can download full Surah Nisa PDF here from the above link.

Theme of Surah An Nisa Pdf

The surah deals with various topics related to women, family life, inheritance, justice, and social responsibilities. It also contains guidelines for believers to lead a just and righteous life. Some of the key themes and topics covered in Surah Nisa include:

  • The rights and responsibilities of women, including marriage, divorce, and inheritance
  • The importance of justice and fair treatment for all people
  • Prohibitions against murder, adultery, and other immoral actions
  • Guidelines for prayer, fasting, and giving to charity
  • The role of the Prophet Muhammad as a leader and guide for believers

Overall, Surah Nisa emphasizes the importance of living a life based on moral and ethical principles, and treating all people with kindness and justice.

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