Is Snake Halal

Is Snake Halal? All You Need To Know

Is Snake Halal? In Islam, it is not allowed to eat carnivorous animals because Muslims are prohibited from consuming animals that prey on other animals. Such reptiles considered “haram” or forbidden.

Muslims are permitted to consume specific types of meat that are considered “halal,” including chicken, sheep, lamb, turkey, fish, salmon, shrimp, and cow. These animals have been deemed permissible for consumption according to Islamic dietary guidelines.

Is Snake Halal?

No, snakes and other carnivorous animals are not considered halal and should not be eaten by practicing Muslims.

The Messenger of Allah (Allah bless him & give him peace) said: “Kill the snake.” companions hurried to kill it, but it escaped us. The Prophet (Allah bless him and give him peace) said: “It escaped your evil and harm, and you escaped its evil.”

Is Snake Meat Halal Hanafi?

According to the Hanafi school of thought, eating snakes is prohibited due to their perceived evil and repulsive nature. The book Al-Ikhtiyaar Li-Ta‘leel Al-Mukhtaar mentions this prohibition.

The creatures that do not have liquid blood, such as flies, wasps, and scorpions, are unlawful for human consumption, except for locusts.The same applies to the rest of the vermin and insects that live above or below the surface of the earth, such as the mouse, gecko, jerboa, porcupine, snake, and the like because all of these creatures fall into the category of Khabaa’ith (foul/evil), and Allah, the Exalted, says (what means): {…and prohibits for them the Khabaa’ith…} [Quran 7:157].”

Is It Halal to Have a Pet Snake

The Prophet Muhammad advised the killing of specific animals such as crows, kites, scorpions, mice, dogs, lizards, and other harmful creatures. These animals were deemed harmful and their elimination was encouraged. Additionally, Islam prohibits keeping snakes as pets. This restriction is based on the belief that snakes can pose a danger and are associated with negative characteristics. Therefore, according to the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, it is not permissible to keep snakes as pets, as their presence may bring harm or be considered inappropriate in Islamic practice.

Is Sea Snake Halal

There is a debate among scholars regarding the permissibility of consuming sea snakes in Islam. Some argue that since sea snakes are not specifically mentioned in religious texts, they can be considered permissible like other seafood. However, others compare sea snakes to land snakes and view them as unsuitable for consumption due to their similar characteristics and venomous nature.

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