surah taha ayat 69 rumi

Bismillah hir-rehmaan nir-raheem ۝

Wa-alqi mafee yamenika tal-qaf ma sana ou, in-nama

sana ou kaidu sa-hir, wala yufli-hus-sahiru haisu ataa۝

surah taha ayat 69 rumi

Surah Taha Ayat 69 Englisg Translation

“And throw what is in your right hand; it will swallow up what they have crafted. What they have crafted is but the trickery of a magician, and the magician will not succeed wherever he is.”

Surah Taha Ayat 69 Urdu Translation

“اور جو چیز تیری دائیں طرف ہے، اُسے پھینک دے، وہ جو کچھ وہ کر چکے ہیں، نگل جائے گی۔ بے شک وہ ساحر کے حیلے ہیں، اور ساحر کہاں کامیاب ہو سکتا ہے، جہاں بھی پہنچے۔”

This verse is from Surah Taha, which is the 20th chapter of the Quran. It recounts the story of Prophet Musa (Moses) and his encounter with the magicians of Pharaoh. In this specific verse, Allah instructs Prophet Musa to throw his staff, which transforms into a serpent and devours the ropes and staffs produced by the magicians through their magic. It demonstrates the superiority of divine miracles over human tricks and highlights the futility of the magicians’ attempts to oppose the truth.

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