Surah Anam Ayat 45

Surah Anam Ayat 45

Surah Anam Ayat 45

Surah Anam Ayat 45 in English

The English Translationof surah anam ayat 45:

“So the outcome is that the wrongdoers were cut off. All praise is due to Allah, the Lord of all the worlds.”

Surah Anam Ayat 45 Rumi

“Faquṭiʿa dābiru al-qawmi alladhīna ẓalamū. Wal-ḥamdulillāhi rabbil-ʿālamīn.”

Surah An’am Ayat 45 Urdu Translation

“تو ظالموں کی پیٹی باندھ دی گئی اور سب تعریفیں اللہ کے لئے ہیں جو عالمین کا رب ہے۔”

Surah Al Anaam Ayat 45 Wazifa

Faqutia Dabirul qaumil lazina wazifa is so commonly done by many muslims around the world. The Quran is a source of guidance and blessings, and its verses can be recited for various purposes, including seeking blessings, supplicating to Allah, and seeking His mercy and forgiveness. It is always recommended to approach the Quran with respect and understanding, seeking guidance from knowledgeable scholars or imams for appropriate interpretations and practices.


Surah Anam verse 45 serves as a profound reminder of the challenges faced by previous nations and the importance of learning from their experiences. It calls for self-reflection, vigilance, and a steadfast commitment to the teachings of Islam. By understanding the lessons encapsulated in this verse, we can navigate the complexities of the modern world with faith, wisdom, and resilience.

Examples of Satan’s deceptive tactics mentioned in the Quran

The Quran mentions various instances where Satan deceived people, such as his temptation of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and his efforts to misguide Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham) and Prophet Yusuf (Joseph).

How can we protect ourselves from Satan’s influence?

Protecting ourselves from Satan’s influence requires seeking knowledge, regularly reciting the Quran, engaging in acts of worship, surrounding ourselves with righteous company, and seeking refuge in Allah through supplication and sincere repentance.

Are there any other verses in the Quran that emphasize the role of messengers?

Yes, the Quran highlights the significance of messengers in many verses, including Surah Yunus (10:47), Surah Ibrahim (14:4), and Surah Al-Muminun (23:44).

What does it mean to be steadfast in faith?

Being steadfast in faith means remaining firm in one’s belief and commitment to Islam, even in the face of trials and temptations. It involves upholding the principles and teachings of Islam with sincerity and perseverance.

How can we strengthen our connection with Allah?

Strengthening our connection with Allah can be achieved through regular prayer, recitation and reflection on the Quran, engaging in acts of charity and kindness, seeking knowledge about Islam, and developing a constant awareness of His presence in our lives.


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